Friday, July 12, 2013

Tone-deaf hate mail - Bag #1

Occasionally web pages under my umbrella-ella-ella-ah-ah-ah (Rihanna) get some interesting comments. Here are some of the more recent ones that I found amusing that came in from a bunch of crazed Guy Sebastian* fans (or just one obsessed 'Guy' die-hard?). Either way, Enjoy. Please :)

That is 20 seconds of my life I will never get back. You are a piece of garbage my friend. I take pleasure in the fact that the more success Guy has, the more it will rankle you. As to where he was #1. Try #1 on the ARIA Charts for six weeks this year with his sixth #1 single. If you don't know what the ARIA Charts are (wouldn't be surprised if a dumb twit like you didn't) they are Australia's music charts which report on what music people are buying each week. Guy's recent SMASH HIT Battle Scars has just achieved 6x platinum sales to become the second highest selling single ever released by an Australian act, only surpassed by Gotye's one hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know. Guy also has three other songs in the top ten highest selling Australian artist songs ever as well. So he is not going away anytime soon. Hang in there arsehole, it is going to be painful for you.

"Sick individual aren't you.He's got more talent & love & caring for his fellow man than you ever could."



  1. Crazy that you've had abuse like this buddy, sorry to hear that, what an idiot.

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