Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coca Cola prices: Then (2008) and Now (2012)

Years ago I saw 2 Litre bottles of Coca-Cola selling for an all time high $3.14 I snapped a photo :P I have held onto it for all these years. Here it is.

I always figured if I held onto it long enough that it would be an interesting look back. And now it is. I still remember thinking how expensive this price tag was back in May 2008 when I took it. The other day, in the same supermarket I saw what I thought was an odd "special". It just didn't seem that cheap. I lifted the tag and guess how much a 2L bottle is in March 2012?

Have a look for yourself...

As you can also see, the price tags now have unit pricing...and the quality my camera produces has improved :D These prices are in AU$ - In US$ this product would cost $4.01 according to at the time of writing.

Do you think this is overly expensive? Please note that this is on a regular store shelf, it is not provided chilled.


  1. Yes, I think that is super expensive, but I don't feel so bad paying $1.69 USD anymore!

  2. This is interesting stuff, it's crazy to see the increases to pricing over the years.

  3. well there you go inflation in action

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