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Hello and welcome to the famous View*Know*Do Links Page.

The pages contained here have been discovered and recorded from 1999 because they offered something worth noting down and having reference to. View*Know*Do publicly offers this ever-evolving document where guests are welcome to spend some time checking out what is on offer. View*Know*Do believes that there is far too much information regurgitated on the internet, or "Chinese Whispers" on a mass scale.

The links provided are offered "as is".

View*Know*Do does not accept any responsibility for any sites that may host malicious content - I make this warning as at any moment a website could be altered (either by someone authorized or an intruder) and there is no means for me to continually monitor the status of all the sites. If you are concerned about an unfamiliar website address View*Know*Do recommends exercising common sense and caution i.e. ensuring security software is enabled and activated.

Finally View*Know*Do would like to thank you for visiting and hopes you get something out of visiting. Feel free to bookmark the page, share with people...and of course, enjoy :)



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