Saturday, December 31, 2011

Picture of a Bee of a Catnip Flower

Sorry to anyone looking for a story, this entry is simply what it says. But you're still welcome to have a look-see in any case :)

Honeybee on a Flowering Catnip Plant

Picture taken by Webmaster of View*Know*Do (this page)

Lazy and Inconsiderate Shoppers

Sounds like I'M MAD? Well more irritated by how people conduct themselves...and in public no-less -We're LIVING in a Society HERE!" As George 'Cantstandya' Costanza  from Seinfeld would say.

So what am I talking about? This picture below:

This photo was taken by me where a supermarket's car-park basically meets up with a public car-park. There are 10 (right?) shopping trolleys/carts in this photo. I'd say where that red circle is (indicating where the trolley/carts are stored is <10 meters away from where these have been discarded. How lazy is that I mean really? I'm sure all it took was the first stray trolley/cart to start the collection.

Funnily enough a member of the supermarket staff saw me taking the picture and informed me that they were doing regular checks of the car-park for this sort of thing and moving them. As you can probably see for yourselves this bunch was starting to obstruct traffic.

Anyhow something I thought was interesting enough to share. Also I know I referred to these as trolleys/carts - We tend to call them trolleys here, but I assume other areas call them carts - So what do you call them?

Welcome to 2012

Hi everyone, just wishing everyone good health and prosperity in 2012. 

Personally I am gearing up for the Chinese New Year on January 23rd as this year marks the year of the Dragon...and I am hoping it brings some positive enjoyable times to look forward to :) And Australia Day occurs 3 days after too :D

Considering my visitors enjoy pictures here is a picture of a piece of 'latte art' I managed to pull off (somehow). Enjoy :) ...And of course feel free to share to anyone you like (or otherwise :P)

'Love Heart' Latte Art

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The sad truth about Australian Retail

Recently I've read speculative reports that 2012 will see mass lay off's in the Australian retail sector. The thought of this coming to fruition unsettles me. Why? Because I too believe that there is a good chance that this scenario may be experienced.

A local trade 'n' sell page on Facebook saw one individual listing for sale a copy of a particular SONY PS3 game for $75 (firm lulz) that they had only played once but didn't like, adding that they had only recently paid $109 for it.

See the thing is I can buy this on-line at a vendor I know of for $'s overseas of course but it does offer free shipping and secure payment methods. To those wondering if $109 for a game is a ridiculous claim...sadly, it might not be as Australian gamers suffer having to pay premium prices for pretty much everything gaming such as software and hardware (those following from the earlier days might remember THIS older post about Australian video discrimination when it comes to release dates and prices

Apple were (/are still??) doing something similar; read about that HERE 

If these offers are recognised by the surging numbers of people activating Android and iOS devices (especially over Christmas + Boxing Day Holiday's) and Facebook being a massive scale Bulletin Board System (BBS) chances are word will get out and become 'viral' as they say these days...which could be catastrophic to 'traditional' stores.

What's worse for retailers is so-called 'Smart Phones' capability to act as a sophisticated bar code reading  device that can potentially return price results from a number of stores advertising their price and categorizing them by parameters such as how has the cheapest price.

I guess the real winner where all this takes off, will be the consumer. The effects of everyone having everything they could ever want and need plus more? That's a little harder to predict this early :P 

Thanks for reading, if you know anyone that might enjoy this site please let them know about the place. 

Seeing as how my visitors like pictures here is one of Gil from The Simpson's with a timeless quote that may unfortunately be echoed by some retailers here in Australia. I do not own this image it is merely a URL so if you are the owner and have objections please speak with me...Using the work in good faith

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had safe and enjoyable holiday season so far and if I don't sneak back online between friend and family visits...I wish everyone that end up on this page for whatever reason a Happy New Year and a Healthy, Prosperous, Enjoyable 2012 :)

A note on Advertising

I have noticed lately that professional and respected websites have made comments on advertisements hosted on their pages. As someone that endeavors to be professional and host to a respectable project I found it important to be open and honest in regards to revenue generated by view*know*do and other, somewhat associated projects.

I will host ads as permissible by Google's ad hosting service wherever I can. I would like readers to understand that whatever sum of money that may be generated is spent towards achieving personal Carbon neutrality for the author (AKA yours truly).

Obviously as contributions towards this noble goal (if I do say so myself :P) continue, the day when the dream is fulfilled draws closer - So what happens with the proceeds when that day comes? To be honest I'm not sure...I'm thinking either financing research which I will publish results of freely and openly, or donating to charity. Personally, at this point in time, I'm thinking the money would be better spent on research.