Friday, May 27, 2011

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Well, those pictures I hosted last night sure took off :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. Well now, I have a lot more really good ones...some I created, some I managed to save - I am not claiming everything as mine, I just appreciate them. I have created a designated site so everyone can enjoy and so that they live on.

Enough with the pseudo-disclaimers and on with the pictures.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution"

Does everybody know who Jamie Oliver is? He is a British cook that got a television spot over 10 years ago. Yes some may recall the respectable, family man chef was once the "Naked Chef" and took girls home to cook them a greasy midnight snack after a night on the town.

These days Jamie has a whole stack of books, other TV ventures, a cooking product range and his own "food revolution" going on. He met with the Queen to talk about providing healthy menus in British Schools - He made a TV show about it, I stopped watching very early on, perhaps even before the end of the first show (which suspiciously came out around the same time as "Super size me"). The problem tend to like sweets, not vegetables, who knew right?

Hot off the tails of books like "Jamie Does USA", and his "30 minute meals" show aired over summer here in Australia...Jamie took his "Food Revolution" in a new direction. Calling America kids fat, public school mothers working in kitchens bad cooks, and handing out lessons in business to those with no problem with their business (besides that it could be a healthier menu).

This guy seriously irritates me. Don't get me wrong a real food revolution would be a tremendous human achievement...but it wouldn't be associated to just one person, but rather the entire world. Instead of telling wealthy people watching commercial television how to make desserts, a real food revolution would teach people how to manage a food crop and provide the food to those that were in need.

Bring on a real Food Revolution and get rid of Jamie Oliver, who, I say is merely exploiting a true cause for his own gain. He is an enterprising man, I mean his name IS A Brand! But positive change in this world doesn't need another greedy, wealthy person of influence not doing enough for the greater good.

Have a think about this please, I'd like to see a different strategy...and to see Jamie reduced to very little, so he appreciates the little things in life - Not his silly pursuit of power.

Jamie Olivers Revolution site:

Les Patterson has a Stand Up - Chardonnay

For the trend following tweeps and fans alike :)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Major lulz @ Australia's Got Talent

When Rocky came to Australia...he had a Arnold moment....


The fat douche at the end only gave him a chance because he was scared of getting his ass handed to him.

He doesn't power up, he hulks up.

I wish Rockstar Games would revisit the "State of Emergency" game idea

I have the original "State of Emergency" game on PS2. It was one of the first games I had on PS2 and it came in a bundle with Max Payne.

State of Emergency never took off. I recall a bad review, no friends knowing about it or having any interest in it...and I've been a member of different online forums over the years and it never gains a mention in the game forums.

The game never hooked seemed childish but with a R18+ rating (lulz yes I got this at a department store in Australia years ago) so it made little was anything but serious, and the characters were cheesy.

Shooters haven't blown me away since Goldeneye on N64, I believe a revisit to the State of Emergency concept and making it more realistic would work if good missions could be made and it was like war on the streets, with improvised weapons. I mean come on how fun is it to go on a riot in Grand Theft Auto games?

My last few entries have been text only so to bring something more to the blog I'm treating everyone to a video of State of Emergency. For more information get your butt over to your search engine of choice (AKA Google)

Looking back at this and the tazer, reminds me that I thought a GTA: Bent Cop/Police Brutality game would be cool getting to use all the goodies police get to use like pepper spray, batons, cuffs, car, boat, motorbike, horse, riot truck, tear gas...I could go on...Maybe getting to be a prison warden in a fight club engine :D

Green Fuel for Aviation

I was watching the news (ABC24) during my lunch break earlier today and it said that green fuels for aviation are achievable in 20 years.

This got me interested in bio-fuel again. There are plenty of guides available online and the price has been quoted as 70c per gallon. This is extraordinary and a target of manufacturers...they want to produce fuel locally rather than deal with buying oil from overseas.

 Camelina Sativa is an important oil producing plant that:

"...needs little water or nitrogen to flourish, it can be grown on marginal agricultural lands and does not compete with food crops. It may be used as a rotation crop for wheat, to increase the health of the soil"

Suggesting to me that this plant survives in poor conditions and is rewarding with the vegetable oil it produces (more about this at the wikipedia page), a key ingredient in manufacturing bio-diesel.

It may not be clean, but it's cheap...and the money saved can finance something clean and renewable.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology shaping the future, thanks to the internet

eG8, or #eG8 if you're a Twitter user.

What is it? Well it's acknowledging that...

"In just a few years the Internet has enabled us to realize the dreams of Enlightenment philosophers, making our store of knowledge accessible to the widest possible audience. Democracy and human rights have been reinforced, States have been incited to greater transparency and, in some countries, oppressed peoples have been empowered to make their voices heard and to act collectively in the name of freedom"

...this forum is a 2011 event in Paris, with the world watching, thanks to technology. The technology expert panelists include personalities such as Eric Schmidt who has worked for such technology giants as Apple, Xerox, Novell, Sun Microsystems (leading Java development) and CEO of Google until recently when the companies co-founder Larry Page resumed this position.

Eric Schmidt has been quoted as saying:

"‎"Technology will move faster than governments, so don't legislate before you understand the consequences"

Which is really insightful and intelligent; it demonstrates the years of experience, industry insight and common sense. I find it really comforting that there are powerful, very influential people that have their sights on positive, REAL change without wasting time and resources on screwing around with politics. I particularly welcome these giant leaps in the right direction, especially considering leading technology companies realize to satisfy consumer demand they have to be environmentally friendly...and as SONY will tell you, are mindful of privacy and allowing freedom in both hardware and software.

A calendar of topics is available at the link below, you can also watch views and learn more about the forum at the link.

Check it out, you're on the internet, you're a part of this!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Smurfs Movie

I was checking out some free to air TV catch up services online and found a trailer for A Smurfs Movie, which is in 3D. This was the first time I'd heard of this, in fact I'd never even imagined this actually happening!

I remember watching this nearly 20 years ago. And I was reminded of it in the mid 00's when it is referenced in the movie Donnie Darko.

Anyhow I thought some of my followers would be interested in this...a link to the official website :)

So what do you think? Will it be done justice? Will this take off again with video games and movie sequels? Will a new generation grow up with The Smurfs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.