Monday, November 21, 2011

Going out?

Hi everyone, to my regulars I apologize for my infrequent posts - I am actually trying to reduce how much time I spend on the computer and the internet. Although, ironically enough, the more I "live my life" the more content I find myself with to share on this very blog.

Anyhow here's something I noticed as I made sure to log out of Facebook (time sinkhole, privacy black hole). Facebook offers a prompt after logging out "Heading out? Stay connected Visit on your mobile phone.

I'm trying to escape Facebook and it wants me to operate it on my phone? I never liked the locations feature on Facebook for one reason - I don't like to advertise to everyone my whereabouts. 

Something else about Facebook I noticed recently (After Steve Jobs died) is that if a number of 'friends' say a particular word such as a name, place, event, movie, etc Facebook files them together and bumps them up your news feed.

It's pretty amazing the influence one website can have over a person...although people have been going to Google for guidance for years now :P