Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Placement in Movies

So it seems Morgan Spurlock (of 'Supersize Me' fame) has come out with a new documentary entitled "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" which focuses on product placement, marketing and advertising in movies

This got me thinking...and re-watching an comedy favorite of mine - The 40 year old virgin.

I have watched this movie and come to find that well...Come to your own conclusions...

Televisions on store floor - Panasonic

Boxes in back dock (?) area - Panasonic (and GE Lighting)

Hey look, the customer bought a Panasonic...

The television in Andy's bedroom? Well for a store that obviously only sells Panasonic why have anything else?

Demonstrating Televisions...More specifically, Panasonic TV's with Panasonic promos

TV in Andy's Lounge Room? One guess

Way to sell a big screen TV...well, Pansonic's seem to sell themselves.

Fun fact, my Television is a Panasonic VIERA

There were other brands that seemed conveniently located, too many to go into right now but here are a few more of a Particular product/brand:

One thing I did consider was how difficult it would be to make a movie these days WITHOUT inadvertently/being able to avoid having sloganized products on screen - In fact it might even seem foreign and obvious that 'something wasn't right'

Well, thanks for viewing :)


  1. I don't think all of it is deliberately product placement. One thing that comes to my mind when I think product placement is Splinter Cell, where at the start there's just a pack of airwaves gum for a few seconds before Sam starts chewing a piece. Who doesn't want to chew the same gum as a SEKRIT AGUNT.

  2. See Cast Away, it's full of this $#!+.

  3. crazy, guess it helps I hardly watch tv anymore.

  4. I would think that advertising like this would only work on the weak minded, now pardon me while I order a Panasonic TV from Ebay real quick....

  5. You missed one important, under the tv is a Panasonic Receiver SA-HE7