Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much does a cigarette weigh?

This is an experiment I did...I'd say coming up for nearly 2 years ago. Interested in the economics of rolling ones own cigarettes (tobacco is bad mmmkay?) I weighed a 'tailor made' cigarette as a whole (paper + filter) and then just the tobacco contained within.

Below are the you can see the cigarette weighed 0.8g and the tobacco 0.7g - Now this is for a popular product on Australian shelves, it is the 'king size' cigarette. Assuming the cigarettes are consistent (quality control) there should be 14g of tobacco in a packet of 20 cigarettes just under half the amount contained in the smaller 30g tobacco pouches on the market. Prices vary so I can't really give a definitive answer to the cost but you have to factor in rolling papers and filters as well (unless you smoke from a pipe/unfiltered rolled cigarettes.

Of course it all comes down to preference - Smoking peers have told me they don't smoke as many if they roll their own as it's a hassle...whilst I personally think the tobacco that came out of pre-made cigarettes looked of a much lesser quality (oh look a legal threat from giant tobacco :P) than that in pouches.

Anyhow...Just something I found in my photo album and thought I'd share. Enjoy.


  1. Interesting stuff buddy, tobacco companies really do take the hand out of us all to say the very least.

  2. I don't smoke, but in college I had a Norwegian that did and he rolled. I started rolling them, and found it to be one of those meditative peaceful type of actives that let your mind float. he made me stop because he said that my rolls while really pretty and uniform took him 10 or more minutes to smoke. His looked like crap, and only had probably 1/2 or less of the tobacco of the ones I rolled, but that is how he wanted them.

  3. How much does the smoke weigh. .Minus the smoke filter and ashes?

  4. How much does the smoke weigh. .Minus the smoke filter and ashes?

    1. It varies with the source of your smoke; plain tobacco, grass, and other types of weed. Same is the case with ashes.
      Another factor to take into account is "how high you are?" Use the state you were in as a standard.

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  8. Oh wow! Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this experiment. I often wondered how much baccy was in a "normal" cigarette. My husband and I and most of our friends all gave up buying them years ago as it was just so expensive and started rolling our own. Over here in England now(2016) a 25g pack of Amber Leaf rolling tobacco costs around £9, and 20 cigarettes costs around £8 so it just doesn't make sense to buy tailor made ones does it. I smoke one pack a week and out of that I roll between 10-15 a day! We find not only is it cheaper but we also get more satisfaction from the roll ups. Tailor makes burn away so fast and they don't taste anywhere near as good. If I smoked tailor made fags it would cost us over £100 a week but by smoking roll ups we only spend £20 max.
    Great piece of information, thanks again

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  12. Which is the closest flavour of pipe tobacco to a Indian Gold Flake King cigarette ?