Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thoughts on in car computer w/ GPS

I'm currently considering a purchase - A 1.66GHz Windows 7 tablet PC with 320GB HDD, and USB support.

With this I don't see why I couldn't use this as a regular netbook with the addition of a USB keyboard/mouse...hell it could even be wireless and sit aside my TV and use the TV as it's display.

Anyhow in the car with a USB GPS adapter (in addition to mobile internet via either a SIM port or USB mobile modem), what's to stop one from using this as an in car navigator for the few trips one would be handy to have?

My HTC Mozart phone uses bing maps which can give directions...but I'm not sure if it detects meeting milestones in the trip (i.e. at the intersection of abc and xyz streets) and can recalculate the trip - I will test this on my next trip - If it does not do this automatically I can see how I could just do this manually where required.

The other limit is that I don't see any major destinations, maybe this is included and there just aren't any near where I am :P

The mapping software is also more simplistic compared to what is included in commercial in car navigator.

Has anyone tried this before? I'm half dreaming of spending weekends on the open road appreciating life a little more by visiting things I have been missing out on for too long.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Facebook Rant

I have a lot of things to say about Facebook and its's one of them.

It pains me to stumble across statuses are absurd and comments following like "lol someone's facey got hacked!". Firstly 'facey', seriously if you're going to use and refer to Facebook please don't refer to it as 'facey'. Thank you.

Secondly, 'accidentally' stumbling across a friends computer that is logged into Facebook and posting a stupid status under someone else's name isn't "hacking", NO, these people are not technically skilled and are nothing but obnoxious annoyances. On top of this the red faced victim of 'hacking' gets in on the act saying things like "lol I'll get you for that bro!" and a whole bunch of comments go back and forth before they have to go back to their life of reality - Why don't they just...DELETE THE DAMN STATUS?

Man there are a lot of people yearning so much for human interaction isn't there? With that in mind please comment and tell your friends :P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PlayStation Network Unplugged

In yet another setback to SONY the PlayStation Network (PSN) has suffered an “illegal intrusion” resulting in a compromise of personal information.

This wouldn’t be as funny as it is to me if it wasn’t the SONY loyalists that had annoyed me over the past 3 years or so going on about how competing devices are no good because you have to pay for the online service and that the system is (was) prone to crashing.

Well SONY fans, as much as it pains me to know that I’m stooping to your level…you have gotten what you paid for with the so-called “free online” and the failure rate of your systems skyrocketed once your machine had been out for say 2 years and the screws started to fall out.

To SONY executives – Your security sucks, first you upset Linux users by denying them privileges that they paid for so they tore a massive, irreversible hole in your copy protection…and now your saying your network has been hacked *clap clap*

I’m not petty, I’m just grateful I chose not to listen to people trying to convince me to buy something I didn’t want because it has blu-ray media reading capabilities and, um, a cheap and nasty “free” online network to play games on.

In other news Nintendo has officially announced a successor to the Wii console AKA a new benchmark for SONY to steal ideas from :@

Monday, April 25, 2011

Something I don't understand - RE: wikileaks/U.S

Hi all,

Last night as I was watching the late night/early morning news I learned that wikileaks had released content on Guantanamo Bay detention center, to which official spokespeople downplay the occurrence trying to convince people that the reports of torture were just speculation or untrue allegations (or some crap). However one of the inmates that made claims about torture sees this release as inmate who was released.

Detention facilities in Australia aren't any better, one of ours was pretty much totally destroyed by residents after claims they were abused by Federal Police. The matter of illegal immigrants/refugees is a touchy political issue in Australia with the two major parties holding different stances on how to deal with it. Whatever the policy is now, it isn't working.

Also in the news was the escape of prisoners in Afghanistan...where smug U.S officials say the area is corrupt.

But wait...weren't wikileak cables that caused a massive stir last year just "things everybody already knew" like tension between the USA and Russia?

Why aren't these spokespeople treated like Julian Assange when they say things in front of cameras like areas in Afghanistan are corrupt?