Friday, July 12, 2013

Image Mods - PS3/PSN network fail #1

Well this is my first dump of the images/accompanying text - I've decided to do these in 5 image bundles, so if you want to make comments or refer people (please do if you know people that would enjoy them) to a particular image it is easily to do.

These images (if it isn't obvious) are in relation to the SONY PSN getting attacked, and various criticisms of SONY PS3 (e.g. It has no games, its advertising is misleading)

Get that PS3 away from the children, it's scaring them!

Mr. Burns: Smither's we'll play some games online! Log in!
Smithers: But Sir...
Mr Burns: I said *cocks gun* log in!

The system key has been stolen?!? Whenever I get this upset, I get hiccups!

...PSN hacked into?!?

*hic* Oh, right on cue

Homer: I'd beat your ass online in Madden if I had my PSN!

PS3 Store Owner (Wise Guy): Yeah well you don't.

*Sobs* What a crappy console :(

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