Friday, July 12, 2013

Guy Sebastian's media persona stinks like a rodent with particularly poor hygiene but with less appeal

Just checked to if anyone of my 'Friends' like 'Guy Sebastian' on Facebook. I couldn't see that anyone of you did. That's good, I'm glad...I really do know you all :)

Seeing as we are all friends let's discuss this one...he's #1 on some rubbish TV chart -I thought he pissed off the religious fan-base by saying he loves his wife and family more than with those lost why is there still a market for this product of a, what? 2003? Reality TV fad?

If he were a race horse he'd already be the adhesive holding up portraits of Black Caviar.

The fact that energy and resources are invested into burning his 'art' onto polymer compact discs and using wood pulp for booklets/promotional works for his brand of expired fad-core 'music', let alone transportation (physical and digital) of the audio and visual pollution bound for any poor saps A/V system to reproduce the atrocity which is, Guy 'Lord Douchebag' Sebastian, makes me want to write something about it...which I have and now offer to you at no cost to share and muse over.

Yours in good taste,


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