Friday, July 12, 2013

Designer Drugs of 2012 and Beyond

Personally think it's hilarious that there were two allotments of time given on National Television in the past <24 hours on the subject of 2012 designer drugs developed specifically to bypass ill-advised legislation (referred to as 'poisons' in some regions no less) and create their developers and manufacturers (and everyone in between) a SHIT LOAD of Cha-ching $$$ !!!

A law enforcement officer admitted, on recorded video that he 'was not a chemist' but essentially knew how the crafty devils get around the laws (current). A wise monkey that one.

And doctors are 'worried' about the consequences of ever-emerging NEW "designer" substances? I wonder if the potential for something really untested to reach the LEGAL market concerns them more than the substances that creates the demand for them in the first place - i.e. Does cannabis use 'worry' them as much as a newly released 'legal high' created to mimic marijuana?

I really feel for the victims of 'designer' drug use, and drug use and misuse in general. However I do not feel that the blame should be placed on the substance itself, but rather those that push people towards the consumption of these risky substances because they want to prohibit 'drug' use.

The TV Shows were both on the 7 network of Australia.


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