Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old School Aussie Gamer - Mate!

To recognize Australia Day here is a picture of two old video games (Nintendo NES and Gameboy) of Australian decent. The NES game is 'Aussie Rules Footy' by Beam? And 'Agro Soar' (A video game for an Australian Children's TV Show Character) by the same company.

The Footy game was bought secondhand so isn't in the greatest condition...but WILL play, but it is temperamental there is a box but no manual (lucky there is only 4 buttons!). Agro Soar was a fairly generic platform game (you know the types that seem to always get 6/10 ratings) that worked off the characters (then) popularity.

Anyhow I figured this might be interesting to overseas gamers


  1. Aussie Rules Football is so complicated to me man and I think a good proportion of people outside of Australia. With that said I'm sure you guys don't really understand Gaelic too well so we're even haha!

  2. hhaha, how much did you spend on these games? I have looked up some old cartridge games on amazon and they typically go for around 15.

  3. Had them since I was younger Atley - My family bought them between 1995-1997 I'd guess.

    They were both bought ex-lease, so Agro has no box and Aussie Rules Footy has no Manual.