Friday, July 12, 2013

Did you know that authorities estimate "at least" 10% of all tobacco products sold in Australia are bootlegged? Pt. Uno

This is something I quote from an authority on this very subject.

I kid you not.

Consider this for a moment...'Tobacco' (or 'nicotine') is regulated under Federal Law in Australia. Unless you don't listen to the radio, watch TV, read magazines, newspapers or periodicals, see billboards, browse websites hosting ads (Disclaimer: Like this one...proceeds go towards 'green' generated power AKA Solar panels and accessories) will have noticed that "4,000 chemicals" are present in 'smoke' "

They (nicotine containing tobacco products) contain known carcinogens (cancer causing/aggravating matter) and you know...the sale is regulated from the sale in plan packaging (see HERE - April 10, 2011) to the specified places where it is deemed you can spark up a cancer stick cancer stick being slang for a tobacco cigarette, perhaps an Australian thing?

Oh and the Government earns revenue from the sale of these nasty death delivery systems (cigarettes) in the form of taxes)

Want to know something stupid about Steroid users, public medical supervised injecting clinics with rehab services, habitual/addicted intravenous/intramuscular needle users (or 'junkies')?

There's only 1 of these responsible injecting clinics available in Australia, and only a small segment of the targeted users are fully law abiding by making use of the facility (for possessing/transporting controlled substances like morphine, oxycontin painkiller pills, street heroin, methadone, that stuff they rob ambo's for, amphetamines, and cocaine...which are all injectable...oh and they want to patrol the surrounding area housing the clinic with *common* illicit drug detecting canines (DOGS!).

According to the experts (Zoo Weekly) a 'men's mag' with a broad range of readers which one would have to assume is targeted at the younger adult male population - In issue 343, Sept 24, 2012 "4 out of 5 (80%) of the time Australia police sniffer dog wrongly identify drug carriers" - Reckon they could detect steroids and the "pre and post workout" pills gym junkies pop? Or pharmaceutical painkilling drugs or stimulants? Or just the street drugs?

So poor criminal junkies get a record and can't get work, they need medical attention and instead get a cell and an addiction that turns them to a life of crime, lining the pockets of violent and manipulative criminal syndicates.

Makes a lot of sense don't it?



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