Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogger tries hand at Wordpress

Yes it's true - Yours truly tried his hand at Wordpress earlier this year. In a way a retaliation for Google disapproving our advertising partnership :(

I'll try to find the address for my one entry and share it by the time I get to the end of this entry.

BTW these days I'm using 1.5 GB of my  10.1 GB email account ;)

Wordpress didn't make me switch blog host providers. It seemed nice and functional, but really, compared to what I have going here with Blogger, I really have no real reason to make the change. It was nice to try something so-called "new" and "different"; although I found the make up of the site to possesses neither of these traits.

So really what my Wordpress experience offered me was reassurance in the time it's all said and done, it all comes back to the quality and relevance of the original content that the service hosts. Content that is sought after, consumed and enjoyed whether in a positive or negative way.

As I rediscover my Wordpress page a smile comes across my face. Because as I said, it's about the unique Original Content

Now get a load of this URL and Original Content - Plain up hatin' w/ rustled jimmies 2013

Feel free to leave a comment, here there, or anywhere - And share this page with friends, rivals, family...

The World went got itself in a big hurry

Hi all,

To loyal followers, it's been awhile - I struggle for ideas worth sharing. Although by the stats it seems my "legacy" posts are still relevant and worth reading...with pleasing visitor figures. To you all I thank you.

Lately I've been thinking about the resources available to us in 2013. Yes, it's a technology entry :)

A person in my exact position, but say 50 years prior to this day, may have had the privilege of access to a typewriter for documentation and correspondence. A landline telephone and dealing with a population a fraction of what exists today, with a narrower scope of cultural diversity to acknowledge and respect.

These days it's a laptop PC and/or tablet PC so you may be on someone's beckon-call seemingly 24/ case you smart phone's battery has drained from constant bombardment of messages, requests, reminders and even phone calls. At a desktop you may have 2 display monitors, or more.

Television comes in SD/HD and sometimes 3D, perhaps via satellite or cable and channels went from perhaps a total of five 20 years ago to over 15 today on free to air TV (Australia).

...And there's a whole lot more websites these days....

Makes me wonder with all this efficiency how many jobs do need to exist versus the people that 'need' to work, because of an economic model.