Sunday, October 2, 2011

Names on Coke Bottles

Hi everyone,

I'm unsure whether this is just an Australian thing or if it's happening in other places but a new marketing campaign of Coca Cola is to put peoples names (150 different boys and girls names) on the bottles (just 600ml I think) and suggesting that you share a coke with them.

Now I've got a bit of research behind me in regards to Coca Cola and how it promotes the brand, especially their signature cola product. This one seems fairly straightforward...put popular names on the label of the bottles - people with those names will want one; people will wonder why names are on the bottles and look it up on the internet - BOOM the company peddling the stuff get their attention.

One other thing they may or may not have predicted (I'd imagine they'd have expected it) is people are taking photos of the bottles, and tagging Friends on Facebook in the photo because it has their name on it. Coca Cola really are, even if in a very small way, integrating themselves into another element of modern culture.

Personally I just wish Coca Cola would reduce their prices, I mean last time I checked a 2L bottle from the Coca Cola soft drink range (Colas, Lift, Fanta, Sprite) they were $3.45 a unit...more than the price of fuel for the car. Sure most of the year there are multi-buy deals they aren't really good if you only really want one bottle and don't want to hoard a bunch of bottles around your place until a time you might want them. Though reducing the price wouldn't be a gimmick I suppose, and wouldn't make the company as much why would they?

Below is a picture of these new bottles that I am describing in this post. One final thing I'll say is my name is never on the trinket ranges you see in gift and souvenir places. I always used to check, often I still will...but these days I'm glad that my name doesn't appear on things. It's like I fall outside the marketing campaign, that I am free and liberated from being a target audience...the joy of not being sold anything!

My brother did visit Hawaii last year and my name must be more common over there as I finally have a key-ring that bears my name on it :P Also, before I show you the picture, have you ever known anyone with the name Aarav? I sure have haven't. No disrespect to the name or anyone named Aarav but I put this in the same classification as 'BORT' license plates on The Simpsons. Perhaps those that were informing Coca Cola the 150 most popular names decided to troll them a bit and threw that little gem in?


  1. Seems like a really good idea. I haven't heard a thing about it over here so I'll assume that just for now it's an Australian idea but I'm really fond of the idea of personalising Coke like this and hope it catches on for a while.

  2. Coca-Cola could stand to make more money by lowering their prices because if they did more people would buy it, potentially leading to a larger profit margin. Or so I think. I could be wrong. As for this, I never really pay attention to them, if anything I love it when something like this happens, like when a bottle or box tells you to share something, I'll be like "I'm not sharing, it's mine!". For me, it's dinner and a show.

  3. Mark, Lower prices would be a lower profit margin. They might make more total profit, but the margins only go down when you lower your price, unless you can reduce costs by the same amount. That would be how margins work.

  4. I have never seen my name on something like this. keyring or otherwise.

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