Friday, July 12, 2013

Energy Drinks - The "new" gateway drug?

Energy drinks...generally carbonated soft drinks laced with all sorts of plant extracts generally offering 'stimulating' of 'focus' effects (or 'highs') . Formulated science waters can offer all sorts of modern day concoctions - with vitamins and minerals as well as recommended dietary 'supplements' mixed into water and a slash of 'natural' colour and flavour too, perhaps.

'Energy' drinks are nothing new. Can you imagine a cave-person slugging back on icy cold bottle of refreshingly tasty cola...a concoction packed up the ying-yang with sugar and caffeine?

It'd be like a modern day hill billy high on some pure Mexican shard ('crystal meth')-CHAOS!!

And yet it's beyond that now with 2000> energy drinks offering all sorts of 'exotic' berries and plant extracts. It's like a South American Stimulant crossed with Asian focus powders. Who needs that much concentration?!?

What's a bit more concerning is the classification of caffeine as a 'food' rather than a 'drug'. Has pure caffeine have any nutritional value over say ye-yo (cocaine)?  In that case why isn't cocaine considered a culinary offering from Mexico and Mexico's neighbours? A culinary offering that North American's happen to LOVE!!

So with seemingly no rules or regulations surrounding 'energized'+sugar-laden beverages and their sale...other than the ridiculous prices attached to them.

And as the juiced up techno-teens that grew up downing the popular branded energy drinks now reach drinking age, they are simply 'ruski-ing up/Irishing up/Scotching up' (adding alcohol to) their favourite energy drink.

Nothing like a stimulant/depressant drug cocktail to chase the blues away!

Oh and the other caffeine 'junkies' are the stereotypical 'workers' - Coffee addicts. Pods, bags, espresso, double-shot, etc all chasing their next hit of life from on drum of ground beans to the next.

Interested to know what contains caffeine? If so, below is some information  relevant to your interest :)

Food -- Caffeine content

Percolated coffee -- 60-120 mg/250 mL cup
Formulated caffeinated beverages or ' Energy' Drinks -- 80 mg/250 mL can
Instant coffee (1 teaspoon/cup) -- 60-80 mg/250 mL cup
Tea -- 10-50 mg/250 mL cup
"Coca Cola" -- 48.75 mg/375 mL can
Milk Chocolate -- 20 mg/100g bar


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