Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recycling in Motels?

Well I'm kicking back this afternoon with a cool drink and I get thinking about something - Why don't motel rooms have recycling?

Okay why am I thinking of this very specific subject? Well I'm due for a well earned and in all seriousness, overdue, vacation. I often visit Melbourne because my brother lives there and I stay at a usual motel on Lygon Street Carlton. I find motels I like and stay with them, this also includes when I'm staying in Sydney, Griffith and Parramatta.

I've stayed at a lot of places over the years and one thing that I realized just before is none provide recycling in the rooms. In these modern times I am surprised that this is the case. Despite the episode on Penn and Teller's Bullshit! Recycling in Australia makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that this whole time I've stayed at these places I've never thought of this. I've thought about other logistical aspects of the innkeeper industry like all the water, electricity, and electrical equipment...I've even thought about all the phone directories big cities have, but never recycling.

I think it's about time one of the major motel chains stood up and did this. Just think of a say multi-level complex fully booked out and all the recycling that gets tossed out as general rubbish. Perhaps the positive change would actually make accommodation more affordable.

What's everyone think? Recycling is pretty much everywhere these days, have you ever known a motel to provide these facilities?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super Rare Game - Terranigma (AUS-PAL)

Hi all,

I've been watching Pawn Stars on television lately, it's one show I'm really enjoying...and I haven't said these words for a quite a long time. 

Anyhow I've always been interesting in the business, I mean it's a mix of recycling and business incorporating all sorts of items. Something about eBay or trading games in franchised stores feels as though it really benefits the consumer rather than the person selling a perhaps valued item.

I've been evaluating things around my place wondering what I would be willing to part ways with and for what sort of cash or trade or service.

One thing always immediately springs to mind. A game I bought over a decade ago for my Super Nintendo - A game called Terranigma. To this day I'm not sure why I even bought this game, I was always a fan of Zelda and I had (and still have) Solstice for the NES and this game fits in with the genre so perhaps it's not really that much of a mystery.

A few years ago I must have been valuing my games going off eBay prices and searched for Terranigma...WOW...apparently this game is really rare. I remember low search results and high price tags. How High? $300.

I've conducted a search just now and 8 results (and 15 international) have been retrieved. The cheapest item is $19. It is for a 'new' box only which, I might add, looks different to the original box that I have. The highest priced item out of the combined results, which also happens to be the only complete set, is priced at $AU212.83 and is located in the United Kingdom and costs 9.99GBP in postage. This appears to be exactly what I possess besides the fact that the box art differs between the sellers version and mine, as well as the fact that my copy is labelled for use in Australia and New Zealand only and has an Australian Rating's Classification label - Curiously rated 'G'

I just thought I'd share this with my loyal followers, potential new followers (hi :) ) and hopefully a collector or someone that can put me in contact with one. I'd love to do a deal. I have plenty of pictures but until/unless there is demand shown, I will be showcasing only one.

It is the rear box art showcasing still in-game still images, general game info, Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, etc

The Australian Box Cover is displayed at the Wikipedia page
Which reveals that this game was released in PAL format on December 19 1996 and an interesting piece in the 'Reception' section regarding how it measures up with titles Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BEYONCE IS PREGNANT - Twitter Trend Beyoncé

Well I saw that Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant on Twitter. At first I thought is was an online prank, then I learned that it was in fact true. I then lol'd at the people that actually cared had written it all in CAPS LOCK. 

I noted that despite clever remarks about it being 'Destiny's Child' not many people had typed Beyoncé correctly. At this stage I knew it was true, I get hung up on grammar :P

Below is a picture from the popular twitter trend of August 2011 that made me think something was not right about it. I put it down to the DEMI LOVATO IS STUNNING trend...also all in CAPS. Perhaps the real trend on twitter is using the caps lock feature as cruise control for cool. 

^^ Beyoncé Knowles Pregnant Picture