Saturday, June 18, 2011

I found these... collectible?

Hi everyone, I used to read A-LOT when I was younger - Disney Magazines, Mad Magazines, Nintendo Magazines, PC Magazines, Pro Wrestling Magazines, Computer Magazines and more Recently Music Magazines...and Comics

Funny thing is I'm a hoarder...but a good one - everything is neat and tidy and everything is in excellent condition. When my Cousin made a status of Facebook about comic books, I decided to take an inventory of mine.
The titles I have available are as follows:

The Simpsons Comics: #4 (Oct 1994), #12-23, #27, #28, #32, #36
Simpsons Comics Extravaganza (Issues 1-4)
Simpsons Comics Spectacular (Issues 6-9)
Bartman: #1 (August 1994)
Radioactive Man: #1 ('Nov 1952') 1994 sometime
Treehouse of Horror: #1 (Jan 1996), #2, #4

Bartman meets Radioactive Man: #3 (Jan 1995)
'Special Collector's Edition' Comics + Stories: (September 1998?)

Turok Dinosaur Hunter: #2 August 1993
Ninjak: #6 September 1994
Spider-Man: #65 February 1996
Superman: #78 June 1993 (No Poster)
100 Bullets: September 2008 (#93 ??)
Stephen King The Stand Sketchbook: 2008
Spider-Man loves mary jane: Season 2 No 1 October 2008
Two-Face: #1 September 2008
Currently seeking personal (free) valuations, and any offers for sale in AUD (Australian Dollar).
Here is a sample photo to show the condition of the products.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drug prohibition gets strange(r)

Synthetic cannabis (i.e. not natural), it's a substance that has gained popularity around the western world...and gained the attention of various authorities such as medical practitioners, justice, police, and employers to name a few.

The product is *currently* (i.e. at the time of original upload) a legal substitute for illegal, natural cannabis plant matter.

The Western Australian government is enacting a ban starting this Friday in the state, where authorities look down upon the products ability to produce negative readings in drug tests, where natural cannabis would be flagged.

The popular product that the media jump on is called 'Kronic', it is based in New Zealand and its manufacturers/marketers are saying that banning their product breaks trade rules because synthetic cannabis is legal in that Country. A spokesperson for Kronic on Channel Ten news said that the company will obviously abide by the laws that govern what they can and can not do.

The 'Kronic' branded range bears a R18+ logo, and (subject to local laws) is available to purchase online, or in specialty "bricks and mortar" stores.

The high from synthetic cannabis reportedly has a duration of around 2 hours, meaning users can better manage appropriate time to allow for their personal indulgences, as opposed to longer durations times reported by users of illegal, natural cannabis.

Reporters suggest that 'Kronic' is up to X100 stronger than illegal, natural cannabis. This is incorrect information, as the potent crystalline substance (the synthetic cannabis) is blended with legal, dried plant matter therefore only a minute amount of the active constituent is consumed. However, this does suggest that someone that wants to be high for a long time have to smoke more, which is obviously concerning.

Anyone that intentionally puts a substance into their body without researching and understanding the consequences is quite simply, an idiot. Knowing this commercial retailers of these products give terms of use, allowing for stupidity by warning users not to use this whilst using machinery.

Note Lulz: The Western Australian authorities are expecting those possessing synthetic cannabis products this Friday when the ban comes into effect, to surrender their stashes.

Caption: 'Kronic' promo image (image not hosted locally)

For more information do a web search for related news stories.

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