Friday, July 12, 2013

Transfer of sister blogs

Hi all,

Long time no entry...unfortunately not much motivates me to create new content for this page these days - Hopefully this will change, I have fond memories of publishing to this blog.

This page however still does receive some steady traffic daily and my page counter continues to click over. To my visitors new and old I thank you and I hope/trust you find my historical content and new content to come to be worthy of your time and visit.

I write today to provide this short update and thanks AND to inform you all that I have decided to close down my other blogs (my so-called "sister blogs") but to continue their legacy by posting their content here.

Although these other projects never came to full fruition nor paralleled the successes of this page, I still believe them to be worthy of transfer.

Please stand by as I hope the following entries will be transferred successfully and with relative ease and speed.

Happy viewing and once again thanks for dropping by :)

-The guy that runs the place

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