Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Until further notice: Treat this page as an archive

Hi all, Unless you weren't already aware I haven't updated anywhere near as regularly as I once did. However there is one thing that I notice. From time to time there is a spike in popularity - Recently I noticed a spike so high I don't think I've seen as much traffic before, ever.

What caused such a spike? A blog entry from the past about names on Coca-Cola (Coke) bottles.

Yes it seems something I bothered writing about in years past was relevant only to North America recently - People searched it like they once did here in Australia I guess no one else much had written on the subject :P

I'm glad what I wrote was as entertaining/Informative as ever! And appreciate that my page counter ticks overly respectably month after month.

With that, I'll leave for now but I will also take this opportunity to tell visitors that there is some good content within my pages, check out the historical entries - Maybe you'll find one you like :)

1 comment:

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