Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Until further notice: Treat this page as an archive

Hi all, Unless you weren't already aware I haven't updated anywhere near as regularly as I once did. However there is one thing that I notice. From time to time there is a spike in popularity - Recently I noticed a spike so high I don't think I've seen as much traffic before, ever.

What caused such a spike? A blog entry from the past about names on Coca-Cola (Coke) bottles.

Yes it seems something I bothered writing about in years past was relevant only to North America recently - People searched it like they once did here in Australia I guess no one else much had written on the subject :P

I'm glad what I wrote was as entertaining/Informative as ever! And appreciate that my page counter ticks overly respectably month after month.

With that, I'll leave for now but I will also take this opportunity to tell visitors that there is some good content within my pages, check out the historical entries - Maybe you'll find one you like :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tone-deaf hate mail - Bag #1

Occasionally web pages under my umbrella-ella-ella-ah-ah-ah (Rihanna) get some interesting comments. Here are some of the more recent ones that I found amusing that came in from a bunch of crazed Guy Sebastian* fans (or just one obsessed 'Guy' die-hard?). Either way, Enjoy. Please :)

That is 20 seconds of my life I will never get back. You are a piece of garbage my friend. I take pleasure in the fact that the more success Guy has, the more it will rankle you. As to where he was #1. Try #1 on the ARIA Charts for six weeks this year with his sixth #1 single. If you don't know what the ARIA Charts are (wouldn't be surprised if a dumb twit like you didn't) they are Australia's music charts which report on what music people are buying each week. Guy's recent SMASH HIT Battle Scars has just achieved 6x platinum sales to become the second highest selling single ever released by an Australian act, only surpassed by Gotye's one hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know. Guy also has three other songs in the top ten highest selling Australian artist songs ever as well. So he is not going away anytime soon. Hang in there arsehole, it is going to be painful for you.

"Sick individual aren't you.He's got more talent & love & caring for his fellow man than you ever could."


Energy Drinks - The "new" gateway drug?

Energy drinks...generally carbonated soft drinks laced with all sorts of plant extracts generally offering 'stimulating' of 'focus' effects (or 'highs') . Formulated science waters can offer all sorts of modern day concoctions - with vitamins and minerals as well as recommended dietary 'supplements' mixed into water and a slash of 'natural' colour and flavour too, perhaps.

'Energy' drinks are nothing new. Can you imagine a cave-person slugging back on icy cold bottle of refreshingly tasty cola...a concoction packed up the ying-yang with sugar and caffeine?

It'd be like a modern day hill billy high on some pure Mexican shard ('crystal meth')-CHAOS!!

And yet it's beyond that now with 2000> energy drinks offering all sorts of 'exotic' berries and plant extracts. It's like a South American Stimulant crossed with Asian focus powders. Who needs that much concentration?!?

What's a bit more concerning is the classification of caffeine as a 'food' rather than a 'drug'. Has pure caffeine have any nutritional value over say ye-yo (cocaine)?  In that case why isn't cocaine considered a culinary offering from Mexico and Mexico's neighbours? A culinary offering that North American's happen to LOVE!!

So with seemingly no rules or regulations surrounding 'energized'+sugar-laden beverages and their sale...other than the ridiculous prices attached to them.

And as the juiced up techno-teens that grew up downing the popular branded energy drinks now reach drinking age, they are simply 'ruski-ing up/Irishing up/Scotching up' (adding alcohol to) their favourite energy drink.

Nothing like a stimulant/depressant drug cocktail to chase the blues away!

Oh and the other caffeine 'junkies' are the stereotypical 'workers' - Coffee addicts. Pods, bags, espresso, double-shot, etc all chasing their next hit of life from on drum of ground beans to the next.

Interested to know what contains caffeine? If so, below is some information  relevant to your interest :)

Food -- Caffeine content

Percolated coffee -- 60-120 mg/250 mL cup
Formulated caffeinated beverages or ' Energy' Drinks -- 80 mg/250 mL can
Instant coffee (1 teaspoon/cup) -- 60-80 mg/250 mL cup
Tea -- 10-50 mg/250 mL cup
"Coca Cola" -- 48.75 mg/375 mL can
Milk Chocolate -- 20 mg/100g bar

Designer Drugs of 2012 and Beyond

Personally think it's hilarious that there were two allotments of time given on National Television in the past <24 hours on the subject of 2012 designer drugs developed specifically to bypass ill-advised legislation (referred to as 'poisons' in some regions no less) and create their developers and manufacturers (and everyone in between) a SHIT LOAD of Cha-ching $$$ !!!

A law enforcement officer admitted, on recorded video that he 'was not a chemist' but essentially knew how the crafty devils get around the laws (current). A wise monkey that one.

And doctors are 'worried' about the consequences of ever-emerging NEW "designer" substances? I wonder if the potential for something really untested to reach the LEGAL market concerns them more than the substances that creates the demand for them in the first place - i.e. Does cannabis use 'worry' them as much as a newly released 'legal high' created to mimic marijuana?

I really feel for the victims of 'designer' drug use, and drug use and misuse in general. However I do not feel that the blame should be placed on the substance itself, but rather those that push people towards the consumption of these risky substances because they want to prohibit 'drug' use.

The TV Shows were both on the 7 network of Australia.


Did you know that authorities estimate "at least" 10% of all tobacco products sold in Australia are bootlegged? Pt. Uno

This is something I quote from an authority on this very subject.

I kid you not.

Consider this for a moment...'Tobacco' (or 'nicotine') is regulated under Federal Law in Australia. Unless you don't listen to the radio, watch TV, read magazines, newspapers or periodicals, see billboards, browse websites hosting ads (Disclaimer: Like this one...proceeds go towards 'green' generated power AKA Solar panels and accessories) will have noticed that "4,000 chemicals" are present in 'smoke' "

They (nicotine containing tobacco products) contain known carcinogens (cancer causing/aggravating matter) and you know...the sale is regulated from the sale in plan packaging (see HERE - April 10, 2011) to the specified places where it is deemed you can spark up a cancer stick cancer stick being slang for a tobacco cigarette, perhaps an Australian thing?

Oh and the Government earns revenue from the sale of these nasty death delivery systems (cigarettes) in the form of taxes)

Want to know something stupid about Steroid users, public medical supervised injecting clinics with rehab services, habitual/addicted intravenous/intramuscular needle users (or 'junkies')?

There's only 1 of these responsible injecting clinics available in Australia, and only a small segment of the targeted users are fully law abiding by making use of the facility (for possessing/transporting controlled substances like morphine, oxycontin painkiller pills, street heroin, methadone, that stuff they rob ambo's for, amphetamines, and cocaine...which are all injectable...oh and they want to patrol the surrounding area housing the clinic with *common* illicit drug detecting canines (DOGS!).

According to the experts (Zoo Weekly) a 'men's mag' with a broad range of readers which one would have to assume is targeted at the younger adult male population - In issue 343, Sept 24, 2012 "4 out of 5 (80%) of the time Australia police sniffer dog wrongly identify drug carriers" - Reckon they could detect steroids and the "pre and post workout" pills gym junkies pop? Or pharmaceutical painkilling drugs or stimulants? Or just the street drugs?

So poor criminal junkies get a record and can't get work, they need medical attention and instead get a cell and an addiction that turns them to a life of crime, lining the pockets of violent and manipulative criminal syndicates.

Makes a lot of sense don't it?


Guy Sebastian's media persona stinks like a rodent with particularly poor hygiene but with less appeal

Just checked to if anyone of my 'Friends' like 'Guy Sebastian' on Facebook. I couldn't see that anyone of you did. That's good, I'm glad...I really do know you all :)

Seeing as we are all friends let's discuss this one...he's #1 on some rubbish TV chart -I thought he pissed off the religious fan-base by saying he loves his wife and family more than with those lost why is there still a market for this product of a, what? 2003? Reality TV fad?

If he were a race horse he'd already be the adhesive holding up portraits of Black Caviar.

The fact that energy and resources are invested into burning his 'art' onto polymer compact discs and using wood pulp for booklets/promotional works for his brand of expired fad-core 'music', let alone transportation (physical and digital) of the audio and visual pollution bound for any poor saps A/V system to reproduce the atrocity which is, Guy 'Lord Douchebag' Sebastian, makes me want to write something about it...which I have and now offer to you at no cost to share and muse over.

Yours in good taste,


PS3 friendly image mod

I've been bagging out Sony and the PS3 a lot with these image mods so to show that anyone can make blunders and I'll laugh at them all the same.

Krusty: Oooww!!

Micro$oft salesperson: Whoops, I should have warned you, that console get's incredibly hot if you leave it plugged in, heh...ahhh