Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perhaps it's time to get a universal remote...

This is a photo of the remote controls I have laying around. The description of each remote follows.

1. USB TV Tuner
2. Surround Sound System
3. Digital Video Recorder
4. Stereo System
5. PC TV Tuner
6. VCR/DVD Combo
7. High Definition Set Top Box
8. Blu Ray Player
9. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
10. HD TV
11. DVD Recorder
12. Dual Deck VHS Duplicator
13. Analog TV (Large)
14. Analog TV (Small)

You'd think I'd never have to move...


  1. haha, I think it might just be :) I recommend logitech.

  2. what frameaj1 said. or you can turn your iphone into a univeral remote...maybe...i'm not sure..

  3. Haha I don't even use most of these remotes, I just thought it would make a good blog entry.

    The funny thing is that large companies integrate multi functional remotes (i.e. a TV remote that has play/stop/pause/etc buttons) so they are somewhat 'universal' long as all your equipment is made by the same manufacturer...and you get remotes for them all anyhow...

  4. You know how people keep like a gajillion keys on a single keyring. You should make some kinda remote-ring and just have it clipped to your belt at all times. That idea is beastly. Do it and post pics.

  5. Naw, you just need to invent the Remote Swiss Army Knife.

  6. I "only" have 3, and it's annoying ... you really need an universal remote :)

  7. Ha probably time for a universal...or you could just use your computer for all forms of entertainment.

  8. I have...5 remotes. You have too much stuff. :/

  9. wow, that's gotta be a record hahah

  10. Just duct tape them together. Best installation you can do. They already work, so no need for programming.