Friday, March 25, 2011

Just got paid $3 equiv for during a survey on Alcohol

It was an online survey, but still it's a joke. If you aren't familiar with marketing surveys you generally get asked questions asking what words describe the "personality" of brands. For example say you drink Brand X they want to know your age, sex, income, level of formal education, martial status...then how often you buy it, what influences a purchase (i.e. birthday, sporting event, as a reward, etc), how it makes you feel, where you consume it, where you procure it and things like picking all the words that describe the brand.

This is happening in the State of New South Wales in Australia - Alcohol companies seeking to increase market share and profitability...whilst Governments won't even re-explore drug laws affecting recreational illicit substances.

This doesn't make sense to me. Most "respectable" officials that get their face in the papers and on the TV want to get rid of or change

- Binge drinking,
- Underage drinking,
- Excessive drinking;
- Drinking "culture

A few years ago an "alcopop" tax was imposed on ready to drink premixed alcoholic beverages. I don't know what the "official" findings have been, but from what I've seen it hasn't slowed people down...instead of a more expensive "prestige" brand you can go cheap, or you can buy a bottle of straight spirits and your mixer of choice.

Revenue to the Government...fair enough, but since it is (was) my money can you at least let me know exactly what it is used for and if you really need it?


  1. They will never sober me up!!


  2. lol'd alcohol will allways be sold, even if they dont change the laws...

  3. In the states, taxes for cigarettes have gone through the roof in the last 15 years. Do people still smoke? Absolutely.

    In Idaho, you can only buy hard alcohol from state-regulated liquor stores, where the tax is insane. Do I still drink? Absolutely. I just can't buy a bottle of rum after sunset anymore, or on Sundays... And it costs on average $3 more...

  4., something similar happens in Argentina.
    Nice post man.. following!

  5. That alcopop tax was ridiculous and pretty much achieved the opposite of what they were trying to do. Kids will just buy a bottle of straight spirits now, cheaper. GOOD way to combat binge drinking (y)