Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour - NSW State Election

Well it's Earth Hour tonight, I'm not sure if it honestly achieves anything other than making people feel good for doing something "good" and "responsible", or perhaps "trendy" (Hey it is a top trend on Twitter).

I think most people know about this initiative by now by the saturation of the event in all forms of media.

I had the task of promoting this event, standard newspaper media release, a web entry and coverage on the radio wasn't "innovative", but it's what I did anyhow...

So I suggest that since the NSW voting population would be forced to vote...that, to get the best audience, information should be available at polling booths about Earth Hour. I wonder if anyone did this, I guess I thought of this too late to suggest it to coordinators :/ Ooops

I also have a picture, it's my own little nod to Earth Hour from last year at home (I did participate)


  1. i agree. it is all about "feeling good"

  2. Yep, another feel good gimmick that the famous can promote so they can justify flying around in their jets.

  3. i thought that was a bawls bottle. lol