Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Agricultural Simulator 2011

Just a quick post about something I discovered.

I haven't been a PC gamer for a long I have an XBOX360, that doesn't even get used much. Anyhow I've gotten the gaming itch back. So I went looking online at PC games because people are always telling me how they are better than console games and cheaper as well and online play is wicked.

So I get looking and search under simulators and what do I find? Agricultural Simulator 2011! Man this game looks awesome (too me, perhaps I'm a little strange). I used to enjoy SimFarm and this is everything I would have done to that game to bring it to speed with new technology and increased gamer expectations...I mean wow, driving machinery with meters telling you what's going on and even support for a steering wheel controller? Man, that's impressive.

I'm downloading the demo right now, I'll have to buy this thing online as I doubt anyone locally will stock know since First Person Shooters are the cash crops :P

There will most likely be a review of this (from the demo) on my blog soon. In the mean time do a Google search and check out the videos.

Finally I'll mention this is the first time I've heard of this title, and it's the 2011 edition?!? How far behind am I with PC gaming? This should be on consoles damn it! can you tell I had the original Sim City on SNES?


  1. i remember me being addicted to sim farm! What a nice game it is :D following

  2. Do you get government subsidies to not grow corn in Agriculture Simulator 2011?

  3. I always find games like this really repetitive personally. Then again, when there's only so much you can do, I find a lot of games are.

  4. Saw this on Amazon, I was going to buy it, until I found out there was no online mode. FUCK THAT!

  5. get Farming Simulator 2011 if you want online


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