Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catnip Garden Expansion

It was about 16 months ago I suppose that I bought a packet of catnip seeds. I got them at a run of the mill place for cheap, tossed some into whatever soil/potting mix I had at the time and hoped for the best.

The best turned out to be a great plant. It appears to be very tall with large leaves...and in the past it has produced viable seed. I think I've covered this before but the news is that I now have 3 established Catnip plants as well as a sprouted seed emerging in another pot. Wow, I'm really liking this :)

I harvested some leaves about 2 or 3 weeks back, froze some and dried it's all combined and the resident feline seems to really enjoy the stuff...although not to the same extent of some videos of cats under the influence (lulz) of catnip.

I decided to share all this because I got a really nice picture of a close up of a catnip 'bud' I suppose it is, which is just starting to flower now :P With a ladybird on it :)

I also have an older picture of the plant itself which can be found at an earlier entry here

The collected seeds with coin for size reference

Some loose leaves being weighed (not very accurately!)

Frozen and crushed Catnip

3 different types of Catnip...Clockwise from top right - Fresh, Dried, Frozen

Close up of a flowering head on a Catnip plant with a Ladybird on it :)


  1. crazy.... nice to have a green thumb. a3

  2. I nevr knew you were talented in this area man, that's some really cool stuff. Excellent work buddy.

  3. My cats don't spaz out on the catnip, but they do love to eat it.

  4. Some people love catnip. Lots of crazy cat ladies. Hence cheap seeds. :P