Monday, December 26, 2011

A note on Advertising

I have noticed lately that professional and respected websites have made comments on advertisements hosted on their pages. As someone that endeavors to be professional and host to a respectable project I found it important to be open and honest in regards to revenue generated by view*know*do and other, somewhat associated projects.

I will host ads as permissible by Google's ad hosting service wherever I can. I would like readers to understand that whatever sum of money that may be generated is spent towards achieving personal Carbon neutrality for the author (AKA yours truly).

Obviously as contributions towards this noble goal (if I do say so myself :P) continue, the day when the dream is fulfilled draws closer - So what happens with the proceeds when that day comes? To be honest I'm not sure...I'm thinking either financing research which I will publish results of freely and openly, or donating to charity. Personally, at this point in time, I'm thinking the money would be better spent on research.


  1. Market research? I hope this research comes in a fun box.

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