Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out in nature

...of sorts

I have a small little garden area, pretty much inappropriate for successfully growing anything too much. Anyhow I've managed to get catnip to grow from seeds. That plant then went on to produce viable seeds so I collected them earlier this year.

I now have 3 catnip plants growing. I plan on harvesting ~50% of the fragrant leaves on the biggest (mother) plant and perhaps trading it as treats for cats that like to tune out :P

Another thing that is curious about my garden is that each year a bunch of small 'cherry'-like tomato plants spring up out of nowhere. I don't really like these particular tomatoes but I figure this year I will harvest them and offer them to my coworkers.

Here is a picture of my mother catnip plant and some closeups of the tomato plants - I might take more pics as things progress.

Oh and I can't resist showing off my 'Pineapple Sage' plant, the leaves smell like sweet pineapple - I love it :D

Thanks for reading - I plan on growing carrots next, but with a twist...in an old fish tank as a grow box.

The 'Sage Pineapple'

'Mother' Catnip

Green Tomatoes

More Tomatoes to come


  1. I never considered that catnip grew on trees...at least now I can make the smartass comment it does, but no one tells me it doesn't.

  2. The pineapple one looks good.

    Must be a nice one to have around. Brightens up the garden :)

  3. never heard of pineapple sage! That is interesting indeed. I need to get on growing herbs in my kitchen window. I get such great sun there it seems a waste to not grow herbs in it.