Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts on Sesame Street - Circa 2008 - Ammended

Elmo, I never liked him. He's just too f**king chirpy, boring and annoying - even as a kid I disliked the red moron. Get rid of the L in his name and you have Emo, perhaps they could change his direction after a storyline about his balls being crushed by a love interest and reallllly make him stereotypical. 

Speaking of Elmo...What's the last thing tickle me Elmo's get before leaving the Sweatshop? Two test tickles 

Big Bird should flip the big bird and then later refer to it as a bird brain malfunction.

Sesame Street should not have stopped at the HIV infected character; instead they should bring into the show the homeless, the disabled and disfigured, the depressed, the unemployed, the smug rich person, the athlete, the nerd, the prep, the roid rager, the gym junkie, the womanizer, the "situation", the floozy, the honest drunk, the dope peddler, the flamboyant "queen", the corrupt politician, the hard-faced police officer, the big business CEO, the chain smoker, the passive aggressive douche, 'anonymous', the preacher, etc etc