Monday, March 28, 2011

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant - Fire Risk


What I find infuriating is the company disputes that the number of fire risks that the State have identified. Didn't the B.P explosion and spill occur because they were so arrogant, cheap, unconcerned and not educated?

And now we have a company trying to say their Nuclear facility is fine?

Let me ask you, would this fly if it was in a foreign country in the Middle East, North Korea or somewhere else North America didn't like?

Why isn't this plastered all over the news? I mean look what happened in Japan, people are scared about this sort of thing, people expect these facilities to be safe.

This facility is said to supply New York with 30% of it's electricity, you can't tell me they can't afford to put in fire control measures that government have deemed necessary. I can't believe they are arguing! And the facility is nearly 40 years old.

Do as you're told and bring the place up to code...don't they understand there would be penalties for non-compliance. Stop trying to bully the government big business, we don't want you to kill us you know.

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  1. Fuck, that's pretty intense. I agree with what you're saying though.