Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thoughts on in car computer w/ GPS

I'm currently considering a purchase - A 1.66GHz Windows 7 tablet PC with 320GB HDD, and USB support.

With this I don't see why I couldn't use this as a regular netbook with the addition of a USB keyboard/mouse...hell it could even be wireless and sit aside my TV and use the TV as it's display.

Anyhow in the car with a USB GPS adapter (in addition to mobile internet via either a SIM port or USB mobile modem), what's to stop one from using this as an in car navigator for the few trips one would be handy to have?

My HTC Mozart phone uses bing maps which can give directions...but I'm not sure if it detects meeting milestones in the trip (i.e. at the intersection of abc and xyz streets) and can recalculate the trip - I will test this on my next trip - If it does not do this automatically I can see how I could just do this manually where required.

The other limit is that I don't see any major destinations, maybe this is included and there just aren't any near where I am :P

The mapping software is also more simplistic compared to what is included in commercial in car navigator.

Has anyone tried this before? I'm half dreaming of spending weekends on the open road appreciating life a little more by visiting things I have been missing out on for too long.

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  1. my car is way to old to have a gps in it. lol.