Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PlayStation Network Unplugged

In yet another setback to SONY the PlayStation Network (PSN) has suffered an “illegal intrusion” resulting in a compromise of personal information.

This wouldn’t be as funny as it is to me if it wasn’t the SONY loyalists that had annoyed me over the past 3 years or so going on about how competing devices are no good because you have to pay for the online service and that the system is (was) prone to crashing.

Well SONY fans, as much as it pains me to know that I’m stooping to your level…you have gotten what you paid for with the so-called “free online” and the failure rate of your systems skyrocketed once your machine had been out for say 2 years and the screws started to fall out.

To SONY executives – Your security sucks, first you upset Linux users by denying them privileges that they paid for so they tore a massive, irreversible hole in your copy protection…and now your saying your network has been hacked *clap clap*

I’m not petty, I’m just grateful I chose not to listen to people trying to convince me to buy something I didn’t want because it has blu-ray media reading capabilities and, um, a cheap and nasty “free” online network to play games on.

In other news Nintendo has officially announced a successor to the Wii console AKA a new benchmark for SONY to steal ideas from :@


  1. hahaha I still have my PS1! still chugging along too!

  2. You can always count on Sony to come up with a timely solution of problems like this. Quick as a flash!

  3. Dude, don't be a douche. Not all PS fans give a rats ass if you prefer another console. A security breach just like this one could have happened to any console, if you really think it wouldn't have happened to an Xbox that's run by friggin Microsoft, you've got a very shaded point of view.

    I'll add that I use a PC, so I'm not bashing on Microsoft, I'm just saying they're equally easy to hack.

    Finally, 7/10, would rage again.

  4. It's not a matter of what can be hacked it's about what has been hacked, why it was targeted, what it means and what's happening about it.

    We already know WHY, what it means remains unanswered with time to tell and as for what's happening about it? Well Sony is crying to the authorities as a reaction to their own poor performance and management...it's not like the tax-funded police Sony call upon every time someone upsets them could be used to, I dunno, do something crazy like target crime on the streets or anything instead of being Sony's personal security.

    It seems odd to me that a big company like Sony did the fail proof tactic of turning off the network AFTER 10's of millions of records were taken.

    What would be cool is if the attack was conducted using nothing but hacked PS3 machines.

  5. I have never had problems with mine and i'm not using the PSN really often... i like my ps3

  6. It's a console, of course it's going to be terrible. ;P

    As an aside, am I the only one that finds it completely hilarious that freaking Nintendo pushes innovation in console gaming? hahaha All you 360 and PS3 fanboys can't seem to realize how much they're being strung along. Microsoft and Sony would be perfectly happy to never move gaming from it's current spot. After all, if you like this generation of consoles, who says your grandkids won't?

    It's all about the money for every console company. I'm no fan of Nintendo, but at least they can bring something new to the table.

  7. PC gamers seem to overlook the fact that not everyone likes to play games with a keyboard and mouse or don't want to buy a controller for a computer/play games on small displays in a office chair.

    Sure you can work around this and play a PC through a TV, whilst sitting on the couch with wireless input...but who does this?

    Wireless gaming pads of a XBOX-like standard were just under 1/4th the price of an XBOX alone last time I checked...although PC gaming has its advantages too.

    Might I add to any Sony lovers :P that when people say PC gaming they mean gaming, running a Microsoft OS? M$ win again :P

    Depends what you're used to, I got the NES back in 1990 and I became accustomed to consoles.

  8. 1st gen ps3 owner, still works smoke dmg and moving it is your number one enemy.

    Unless your ps3 billing info was stolen lol

  9. ah well..how much do i care? guess! guess!