Friday, April 29, 2011

Facebook Rant

I have a lot of things to say about Facebook and its's one of them.

It pains me to stumble across statuses are absurd and comments following like "lol someone's facey got hacked!". Firstly 'facey', seriously if you're going to use and refer to Facebook please don't refer to it as 'facey'. Thank you.

Secondly, 'accidentally' stumbling across a friends computer that is logged into Facebook and posting a stupid status under someone else's name isn't "hacking", NO, these people are not technically skilled and are nothing but obnoxious annoyances. On top of this the red faced victim of 'hacking' gets in on the act saying things like "lol I'll get you for that bro!" and a whole bunch of comments go back and forth before they have to go back to their life of reality - Why don't they just...DELETE THE DAMN STATUS?

Man there are a lot of people yearning so much for human interaction isn't there? With that in mind please comment and tell your friends :P


  1. Ugh! The one on the right even has the stupid duck face! :p

  2. LOL, it's obvious when people I know do that because it's always something like "I'm so gay" actually that is exactly what it always says...

  3. I do have a friend who would agree with you, she hates it that people have friends lists and don't know anyone on them, I'm the only one on her list who actually checks her status, and one time she even got mad at me over it. Still, as much as I hate facebook, it did let me and her meet up again after two years. I have to grudgingly accept it's existence and thank it for that. Very grudgingly.

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