Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lazy and Inconsiderate Shoppers

Sounds like I'M MAD? Well more irritated by how people conduct themselves...and in public no-less -We're LIVING in a Society HERE!" As George 'Cantstandya' Costanza  from Seinfeld would say.

So what am I talking about? This picture below:

This photo was taken by me where a supermarket's car-park basically meets up with a public car-park. There are 10 (right?) shopping trolleys/carts in this photo. I'd say where that red circle is (indicating where the trolley/carts are stored is <10 meters away from where these have been discarded. How lazy is that I mean really? I'm sure all it took was the first stray trolley/cart to start the collection.

Funnily enough a member of the supermarket staff saw me taking the picture and informed me that they were doing regular checks of the car-park for this sort of thing and moving them. As you can probably see for yourselves this bunch was starting to obstruct traffic.

Anyhow something I thought was interesting enough to share. Also I know I referred to these as trolleys/carts - We tend to call them trolleys here, but I assume other areas call them carts - So what do you call them?


  1. Trolleys here. I think it does just start with 1 trolley, but the local supermarket for me never really has this problem. Maybe our shoppers are more considerate.

    I doubt it mind.

  2. I know what you mean. I see stuff like this all the time, it's just lazy people. It frustrates me way more at work.