Monday, November 21, 2011

Going out?

Hi everyone, to my regulars I apologize for my infrequent posts - I am actually trying to reduce how much time I spend on the computer and the internet. Although, ironically enough, the more I "live my life" the more content I find myself with to share on this very blog.

Anyhow here's something I noticed as I made sure to log out of Facebook (time sinkhole, privacy black hole). Facebook offers a prompt after logging out "Heading out? Stay connected Visit on your mobile phone.

I'm trying to escape Facebook and it wants me to operate it on my phone? I never liked the locations feature on Facebook for one reason - I don't like to advertise to everyone my whereabouts. 

Something else about Facebook I noticed recently (After Steve Jobs died) is that if a number of 'friends' say a particular word such as a name, place, event, movie, etc Facebook files them together and bumps them up your news feed.

It's pretty amazing the influence one website can have over a person...although people have been going to Google for guidance for years now :P


  1. I agree with your points about Facebook man, although I am a Facebook mobile user so I'm less efficient at resisting the allure of Facebook as you seem. Less internet seems a great idea as painful as that would be, good luck!

  2. Cannot say I've noticed that about clumping.

  3. Faccebook seems to want to invade my every waking moment...i don't trust it

  4. Welcome to the era of Globalization my friend. Constant access. It's okay though, because you can make money off the blog if you just post interesting stuff on here from what you're doing with your life. :)

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