Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lulzy pictures from recent (August 2011) London Riots

Okay first up apologies to any visitors that take offense - I just like to see the fun side of things, that and I love a bit of mayhem.

RIP to those that have died during this incident, and get well soon to those that have been injured.

Now on with the show! :D

Have no fear London, the Police are here.

Casual as...

LOL the looters left the Apple Mac's behind

That sign was asking for it!

A happy customer indeed :D Look at that grin!

The guy on the left looking like he is casually whistling     ♫ do da do do dooo 

Hey look! It's one of those English guards that can't smile, talk, move or anything! This is going on my twitpic!

"Planking" like a boss

These cops on break are getting into the spirit of things

Lucky bastard got out with the prized rocking horse

Don't be fooled, the guy in the police car is not a chav, he is a police officer. 
Metropolitan Police: Working together for a safer London

This is a SONY warehouse burning down, it brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.

4 or 5 people liberating a giant lulzzzard - Possible ties with PETA

Whipped this one up myself

This is a SONY warehouse up in flames - I love it :)


  1. Why does it take 5 guys to steal that giant beany snake haha that made me laugh so hard.

  2. ouch sony! take that haha

    this is some funny stuff.

    surprised nobody took the imacs. those are some nice screens!

  3. you HAVE to look at the funny side...without that life is far too depressing. the stuffed snake is killing me!

  4. Apple store deserves it, they steal more from people. lol

  5. The sad thing about the sony warehouse is that it nuked several independent labels stock of CD's too. This affects artist that contracted Sony to press their CD's. Bon Iver's record label is one of the affected.

  6. Always looking on the bright side!