Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Term Future of iDevices

Just a bit of speculation I have decided to share with you all after I read an infographic about feature rumors surrounding the release of the Apple iPhone 5. I'll point out now from the onset that I do not, and have not owned a iPhone before, the closest device I do have would be the iPod Touch I bought (model before cameras were introduced) to see if I'd like an iPhone, and the HTC Mozart that I got in place of the iPhone.

Firstly the inbuilt camera - The iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5MP camera, my HTC has 8MP. If Apple do not improve the camera in the next iPhone that would be a massive blunder - It is a safe bet that the camera will be improved.

Doing without the 'Home' button, or the relocation of this button. Personally I think they should stick with it - Overall I don't see this as that much of a big deal. With or without this button won't make that much of a difference.

A bigger screen with better resolution has also been rumored - Again, pretty standard improvements in the business, however there is only so big that a 'portable' device can get, before it becomes something else altogether.

Processor speed, Battery and RAM also commented on, and again are pretty much expected with new releases of technology.

A HDMI Output is touted, which would be quite the step forward and make the iPhone more 'friendly' with other equipment (monitors and television). For me however, I think there's something strange about plugging something that is essentially a mobile phone, into a big screen HDTV - I also see this as being perhaps unwelcome competition to other Apple products such as the Mac Mini / Server

Finally a new iOS for the new device.

With all the talk of cloud computing these days, DRM and itunes content - The prospect of taking away power from the user and replacing it with distractions is a scary thought to me, and also something that is frighteningly realistic.

Here in Australia Apple have already blocked Samsung's attempt at the tablet market with patent (??) violations cited and ruled. There is no mention in the rumors that I have seen about TV, which to me, is surprising - I'd expect it. 3D has been touched on, but no TV? Hmm but lack of speculation doesn't mean Apple aren't working on it.

What's everyone think?

Here's a pic for the purdiness and perhaps + lulz...depending who you are :)


  1. They are not gonna add the 8MP camera with the iPhone 5 initially, they are gonna release it in the second gen of it. Thats how they make all their money. lol.

  2. That image only confirmed Apple's silliness. lol

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