Friday, June 10, 2011

310 U.S. Cities had Record-High Temperatures on June 8 2011

According to author of 'The Weather of the Future' Heidi Cullen, via a tweet, on June 8 2011, 310 Cities in the United States of America had the highest temperatures on record.

TreeHugger dot com implies with the weather going how it is, that those records will continue to break during a blistering U.S Summer.

All I can say as an Australian is to be careful not to get sun burnt, keep hydrated and get your religious people to pray that there are no bush fires in California this season.

I wonder if this occurrence will make Americans think more seriously about Climate Change/Global Warming?

Further info: Tree Hugger

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  1. hahah 'what if we create a better world for nothing'!!!

  2. I am gonna sit back and just not worry about it. After the "record setting temperatures" we had the other day, it is cold and crappy out.

  3. Was a steamy 101 earlier today.