Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U revealed at E3 2011

Firstly, sorry I've been busy lately and haven't updated this blog, or my Simpsons image mod page

Now then, E3...the video game industries trade show...Nintendo.

Nintendo showcased the successor to their very successful Wii console, the Wii U. 

I see this as a hybrid of the bottom half of a DS, with Wii controls, that communicates with a new Wii. I don't like the PSP, it's as bad as the Nokia N*gage as far as I am therefore I am not favorable to this new concept. I understand that touchscreen technology is big, the DS and the Wii are both big fan favorites and that it makes sense in some people's minds to put all these together - But I just don't see anything in this.

In my honest opinion this could work so much better if the screen on the 'controller' was demountable from a controller caddy and you could take it with you to use as a tablet PC, of sorts without it looking like a big toy.

This is an image hosted at Wikipedia and shows the controller...thing. As you can see it has the same buttons as the Wii, with the "bottom half" look of the DS, and 3DS-like 'circle pads'.

Seriously what is this thing? It's not a 3DS, it's not a Wii - It's like a inbred Nintendo creation, which would be cool except for the fact these devices already exist, it's just that they have been mashed together.

I don't see how this whole release isn't just a few upgraded components and a better way for the Wii to communicate with the DS.

What do you think? Are my points valid, or am I acting like a douche?


  1. yeah, does it still do all the wii motion stuff? cant imagine waving that pad around!

  2. I think it's gonna be awesome!!!

    You just now have to be extra careful with that controller, or you could keep using the old wiiremote.

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  3. people who just dished out $250 for the 3DS are gonna be mad...

  4. I think you're fairly spot-on. The controller just looks like an oversized Dreamcast controller to me, and you know how well the Dreamcast did.

  5. Seems interesting enough, I'll give it a chance

  6. I just think that the entire idea is a failure waiting to happen. Only one controller per console, and not selling the controllers separately. Both those sound like awful ideas. Basically if your controller breaks, you're boned hard. If you play a competitive multiplayer game you get the added perks of the controller while your friends are stuck using the wiimote. Seems silly to me.