Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"You are currently using 404 MB (5 %) of your 7571 MB"

...Is what my Gmail account is telling me.

I love my Gmail account which I have had since February 3rd, 2006. Back in the days when it was still a beta release. I remember it used to be something like 4gig of storage (and continuing to grow!) and you needed to be invited. I remember inviting people...people from the internet that requested an invite from an online forum I used, which explains people that I don't know appearing as contacts when I do things like "invite friends from email".

I have never really deleted anything from the account, why bother? 5+ years on and I have 7.5gig of storage and using 5% of it - I just keep it all.

On time at university I was at the computer lab screwing around checking emails when I had work to do. There was a girl that was obviously attracted to my devil may care attitude towards structured work and saw what I was doing and asked why I had so many emails. At the time Gmail was kind of unknown so I explained the storage was so big I didn't have to bother deleting anything. She was one of those "kooky and fun" girls and so she took the reins of the PC and started deleting random crap from my inbox and monitored my reaction to this...which was to just watch her and ask "couldn't you be doing something more with your time?". I don't think this went down well and I don't remember what happened next...so not my kind.

Anyyyyhow, I obviously never get big email attachments, in fact not many people know my Gmail address. It's more a business account than personal.

There are 20688 emails in the inbox and I have sent 393 emails from it...thank you Facebook for alerting me of every  insignificant piece of garbage posted on your site :@

Oh and 644 "Spam" messages haunt my account on a monthly basis before they are automatically removed it seems.

Who else doesn't soil themselves over perceived privacy issues and likes Gmail?


  1. 7 gigs may seem excessive but in practice not everybody will be able to use that much... And, you know you can disable facebook emails right...?

  2. I like gmail but hate the ads though ;)

  3. Interesting post BRO!!


  4. i love how it's still growing. i'm currently only at 13% so i'm safe but i need to email more and more projects that are pretty large to my colleagues so the space really does come in handy

  5. I think the 7GB are just "virtual" if you will. As in, they may state you get that much but I doubt they are prepared that every user of gmail could really use the 7GB.

  6. i also used gmail since beta

  7. i never delete emails either, never know when you'll need them

  8. I hardly ever delete emails either. But then again I don't get very many.

  9. I like gmail, but I do worry about the analytics.

  10. Yeah man, I'm having:
    1.4 GB (1%) from 87.4 GB (paid)

    As well as you, I have my gmail since april 2006 when I asked a member of the SMF forums to invite me so I could use gmail too ^^ After that I invited like 30-40 people that asked me. Gmail is growing and it's becoming one of the best email providers.

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