Monday, April 11, 2011

My Folding @ Home Team

In 2007 I began donating CPU cycles to a distributed computing project run by Stanford University called 'Folding@Home'.

Approximately 3 and a half years on these are my statistics:

As you will see I have run the client on a number of machines (including the name 'Austin') and even managed to recruit some team members.

For information on the Folding @ Home distributed computing project check out

Anyone that hasn't done this before and would like to sign up you are more than welcome to join my folding team by using the team number 90130. The little certificates you can access after your first completed work unit are kind of neat.

Do any of my followers/visitors donate unused CPU cycles?


  1. i would but i'm just a poor student for now.

  2. nice, your geocities page is down, btw.

  3. I would certainly like to, but haven't the money to be donating anything atm D:

  4. Great work! I love the blog style!

    Fallowing and $upporting BRO!!

  5. wow these is pretty cool, I'll keep this in mind

  6. I think this is way more useful than giving your cycles to SETI at home.
    Here you know that your contributions will make a difference.

  7. I would but the roomies would get pissed at me for hoggin bandwidth =/

  8. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what a CPU cycle is but the program uses the CPU to its potential rather than letting it sit idle - That's how I see it.

    Yeah I know my Geocities page is down :( But I'm too lazy to update the stats page :P ...That and it probably needs a password which I don't remember.

  9. I did that back in the day, I could start doing it again, followed.