Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A working Class Hero is something to be

Taxes, they suck.

Before this rant I want it known that I have been paying income taxes for 10 years now, paying General Sales Tax (G.S.T) since it was introduced in this Country...I own and maintain my own vehicle with annual registration costs and fuel it with heavily taxed fuel and I enjoy a social alcoholic drink...with its applicable tax applied.

As a single white male with no people dependent on me, living alone in a home that I can afford to pay off with my income from a 9-5 job...I feel as though I give a lot in terms of taxes, and receive very little in return.

I have received one payment that I can remember - Money for buying my first home...the first home buyers grant. Considering I have been taxed $8000 this year through income taxes already, we may as well make this year and that payment neutral...so that leaves 9 years of being taxed, receiving nothing in return.

"Nothing" in return sounds a little harsh... after-all the government did give me a basic education, based on standards for jobs they predicted the Country/State would need by the time I was working.

I am 25 years old now, and "projects" that Government spends money on seems to empty my pockets with the money used on demographics I fall outside of - Money spent on activities for 'seniors' and on 'youth' for example - Money spent on libraries, and schools that I don't visit or use, cultural events that I don't celebrate and services that I don't use (yet) like hospitals and health programs.

I try to enjoy life but it seems Government does everything it can to minimize my enjoyment and rather use me for whatever they think they can get out of me. Hell Governments even establish laws that make it a crime to oppose Governments actions.

Government's are very secretive yet are financed by the people. When a fellow Australian Julian Assange decided to do what was within his capabilities and highlight how Governments act, he became some kind of new breed of international criminal.

I see Government as a bunch of older citizens that aren't necessarily wiser with age, with their own motivations for their decision making and don't weigh up the true benefits and burdens of proposals.

One example would be the political event of 2010 in Australia. The then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was replaced by Julia Gillard for reasons thought to be bad poll results, policy changes and the image of the Labor Party and its stability. In 2011 with Julia Gillard as Prime Minister they Labor Party has the same problems...problems that haven't changed, problems that were used by Julia Gillard to leverage her bid to become Prime Minister, and problems that have yet to be resolved despite these events.

On the day of Earth Hour 2011, the Labor Government in N.S.W Australia were shafted in an epic way, giving a strong  message to any person looking to become involved in politics only to become corrupt, power mad, wasteful and inconsiderate of the people that they govern.

My $0.02

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  1. I thought that was pretty much the standard operating message for every politician.