Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"My mobile phone is worth more than my car"

Simply because my readers seemed to like my Windows OS/Technology entry from yesterday I figured I'd weigh up some things against my "smartphone".

Firstly I'm not even 100% sure that what I have can be considered a smartphone or not. The term seems to describe well...I dunno, phones that can email and access the internet perhaps?

Anyhow I have a HTC Mozart running Windows Mobile 7, I got this as I didn't want an iPhone, and although my phone before was an awesome Samsung...I wanted a change. Before that I had various Nokia models, a Sony Ericsson (that had to be replaced considering it was defective even after at least 2 visits to the store and being sent away), and a hand-me-down Ericsson A1018S (Google Image Search it ;P )

Well I wanted different and that's certainly what I got. I see the Mozart as a clear competitor to the iPhone, it has a Zune Player built into it, you can't use removable storage (grrr) and you have to "sync" it with a computer to transfer content to and from it - It's a true hassle.

Anyhow according to HTC themselves, this device has a 1GHz CPU, 8GB on-board Storage, 576MB RAM, an 8 MP color (zomg) camera with auto focus, xenon flash and capable of 720p HD video Recording,  Internet/Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS capabilities and software to run all this stuff.

Compare this device that weighs 130 grams including the battery with my fathers desktop PC that he bought as a refurbished machine back in 2005.

It also has a 1GHz CPU, it has 20GB HDD, 256MB RAM...and errm a CRT monitor and just upgraded to a new fangled optical mouse - It runs Windows XP Professional and has a USB 56K Dial Up Modem. Other Mentionables include the Floppy Disk Drive and the DVD Burner. I'd guess it weighs around 5-7Kg and has a miles worth of cable, compressed into a big tangled ball.

I've heard our time as the golden age of technology, when I first heard this I was skeptical...but recording this down, actually taking the time to sit down, think and research this stuff and you really appreciate how much power we possess with the technology that is accessible to anyone that can afford it, give it a few years and these devices will become the new low tier.


  1. Good read. Thanks for the post. On an unrelated note, I have been thinking about getting a WP7 phone. General opinion of it?

  2. Pretty standard OS, it doesn't appear to have many "apps" though, which suits me just fine, though may disappoint others. Feels like a no frills, working out of the box, get stuck into it system.

    It's solid and does well at the tasks it says it does.

  3. I might actually do a review of it when I can be bothered - Learn a lot by doing a critique.

  4. Technology is a amazing. Even the poor have access to technology even the richest of the rich couldn't have just years ago.

  5. I personally have LG GT540 or something with Android 2.1 it works well especially considering the huge amount of apps on Android Market which is better than iPhone cause there is no censorship :D
    Although great phone the battery sucks if you want to surf on the Internet ;)

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