Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say no to being over positive!

Hello, let's get straight into it.

Life is not all singing, all dancing, rainbow smiles, fairyfloss hugs and candycane kissies!

People are self-centered and do things to satisfy their own selfish genes.

Why all the bitterness? Well today I was subjected to a training session...oh gawwwwd how I hate the damned things. Some over-paid type talking their verbal diarrhoea to a bunch of people that (should) have more important things to do with their time. They smile too much and give too much praise to the simpleton willing to play along with the mind numbing exercise rather then placing all focus on not falling asleep. Today the speaker replied to everyone's comments, suggestions and questions with "excellent", "that's great", "I love it", "that sounds terrific", etc, etc. How about some constructive criticism? I mean some were good but not all of them surely and aren't you supposed to be helping us and not having session members gloat and kissing their backside?

Being over positive is a clog to the gears of identifying and improving upon your own flaws, fooling yourself and others in being positive blindfolds you in seeing fault and halts the process of bettering system processes.

Another thing that I didn't care for is being treated like a large rodent all day...the rat! It felt like they were giving pointers on how to win a rat race and everyone else in the room were other rats in the maze I have to beat :(

I mean what pawns we are! The speaker said that the 'average' Australian is subjected to about 2,000 advertisements each and everyday via the tv, the radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and everywhere else you can imagine. And you know what else? Recognized holidays are now just a tool for advertisers and other money grabbers to try to manipulate you in handing over your cash. Think about it...what holiday in February would make you bury your hand in your hip pocket for your wallet? Right! Valentines Day. When do toy catalogues begin to litter your mailbox? Around school holidays sound right? Of course. These parasites work off key dates to get you to go exactly where they want you just like? ...Rats in a maze.

Throughly angry guys!

Thanks for reading

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