Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Substitute for Quality?

These images are of 3 different varieties of the same biscuit...although brands would despute that they are the same thing. What do you think?

Home Brand "Triple Choc"
Dick Smith's "Temtin'" (Pulled off the shelf - Subjected to lawsuit by Arnotts?
Arnott's "Tim Tam"

The three 'different' biscuits shown after a bite was take from each...can you tell which is which?


  1. Thank you. You have succeeded in making me hungry!

  2. God i love tim tams suck coffee though them and they turn to goo.

    I need to head back to the AU

  3. With biscuits, I can never tell the difference between brands.

  4. Seriously, the home brand "tim tams" are so disgusting.

    Tim Tams chocolate coating is so smooth and the inside is so creamy. Perfect chocolate/biscut/creamy ratio. Fucking home brand man..