Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My loan plan

I currently have a home loan that I am chipping away at a steady rate. Since early 2006 I have been keeping every 5c (Australia) piece that I am given/find. Above is a photo I took in 2007 of all the 5c pieces I had.

My plan is to pay the last payment in full in 5c pieces alone. I have over $200 worth (4000), can you imagine the look on the bank tenders face when this happens?

I can't wait, unburdened and lulz


  1. Might want to visit a change machine...

    Or! bring them in a sock and 'release' them all over the teller's desk!

  2. Sounds like a plan, I know someone that works at a bank, going to ask her if she has experienced anything like that.

  3. HAHAHAHA that sounds like an excellent plan. Wish I could see the look on their face.

  4. hahahaha omg

    I so would have spent it by now....

  5. This reminds me of a few other stories I've heard of recently.

    A college student in America paid an entire semester's tuition with 1 dollar bills. He brought in a duffel bag that weighed like 30 lbs to his tuition office.

    And more recently a man paid his utilities with nothing but pennies.

  6. haha, good shit. they took away our nz 5c piece a few years ago. Smallest is the 10c.