Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Screw Android - DELL

Technology giant DELL have revealed that they will be withdrawing from the smartphone market and Android at least for the short term future, with website 'techbuffalo' reporting the news.

Instead DELL look to gear themselves up with their range of MICROSOFT O/S tablets. Is that a big middle finger to Google from DELL?!? Sounds very much like it to this observer :)


Additionally, "Google says that it is not developing apps for Windows Mobile or Windows 8". It's not even the end of 2012 and Google decide to give modern Windows products the cold shoulder with DELL doing likewise to the Android OS. This should make for interesting times. Again, in this observers opinion, this sounds like a severe case of Google being a whiny little runt of an organisation. So much self involved and proud are they that they won't develop for what could be a key market for everyone. 

And to think, if Windows had combed out their undesirable app developers andf Google were on it, a stink would surely have been created over it.

With a strongly fought battle between Apple and Samsung over the mobile O/S device market already and with these announcements all us tech-enthusiasts can do is sit back and watch the fireworks and place bets on who will get buried first.


  1. Interesting news, it's amazing to hear that Dell have pulled out. Androids are doing well but they're always going to be dragged down due to this whole lawsuit that's going on.

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