Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adsense Penny-Pinching

Greetings all.

Just a quick entry to my loyal followers and visitors. Something has changed to this are no longer hosted. Why? Reason's unexplained. What I can tell you is that I have used Google Search for approximately 10 years, Gmail for approximately 6 years, etc, etc.

I am now reconsidering my use of any and all Google services and products.

The problem is that my content has generated a little money on the side, which I have disclosed openly, and was investing for renewable power (solar energy). The money earned but not paid out (In Australia you have to rack up $150 before Google release it, no doubt earning interest off the work of Australian content hosts) has simply disappeared - A root cause of my just anger and disappointment.

The money is not a big deal, but instead the accusations that I have done something wrong and the fact that the money I earned honestly will line someone else's pockets when I was going to use it to benefit the environment as well as educate others by sharing the experience. Google has dented that dream from coming to fruition, delaying it by a time period unknown - As this will become an ongoing financial pick-pocketing by Google

My right of appeal was rejected (valid points ignored?) and my YouTube 'channel' advertising ties have also been cut as well as any opportunity for my account/s to earn revenue through their systems.

Watch this space as it, along with all other content hosted on Google may be removed and hosted at a more loyal and trusting service provider.

Same great service, none of the Google horse-crap.

Do I sound jilted? :P


  1. You're the fifth person I see making a post like this. Google is pretty much the asshat squad, so no use in getting pissed over this.

  2. Absolutely livid for you mate, these guys have no right at all to take money off you that you've worked hard to earn and done nothing to deserve it being taken away, these kind of stories make me wish that they would suffer business-wise.

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