Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Blog, New Vision, New Generation

Well it's been awhile since entries. Some of you be wondering what's been happening. In short, as happens from time to time, I've run out of steam in regards to my blogging for the time being - I do have my occasional bursts of creativity, flair and desire to share ideas and thoughts.

For whatever reason I developed a new blog page which can be found at:


As you can see this newer blog has a similar feel and focus (this page had one?!?) to this page you have come to know and love - along with the amount of traffic that finds it's way to View*Know*Do

And like this page, is created in Australia, by an Australian/

Check out this new blog for all the usal topical issues, news, current events and a running, honest commentary by the author - Be sure to check it out and if you made the decision to follow this page, you may want to consider doing the same for http://idgafptyltd.blogspot.com.au

And don't write-off this blog yet, it may still have some champagne quality entries to come. Keep your eyes peeled on both!

Thanks always for your time and support.



  1. I've been missing your blog so much man so I'm definitely going to be checking it out, hopefully you'll be writing more on here too, love what you post.

  2. I can't seen to find the followers module, or any other way to subscribe. ): What do?